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Kidney Disease:
A Global Epidemic

850 million people worldwide are affected by kidney disease, most due to chronic damage, or CKD. Considered to be a silent killer, symptoms are rarely present until it is too late making it very difficult to identify, as most people with kidney disease, up to 75%, in the U.S. are currently undiagnosed.

A New Test to
Solve a Big Problem

Kidney disease is difficult to manage, but it is even harder to diagnose. The current test has significant limitations, and requires 90+ days to confirm chronic kidney disease (CKD). Sequela’s new CKD test is
>97% accurate* in diagnosing patients with CKD in just
one day*.

Are you at Risk for Kidney Disease?

If you have ever been diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension, you are currently at high risk for developing or already having kidney disease
and you are not alone
it’s estimated that >90 million Americans are also at risk for developing this life-impairing condition, including progression to end-stage (ESRD) and lifetime dependency on dialysis.

Find out more about Sequela Today

If you have any questions regarding kidney disease, Sequela’s NEW CKD Single-Assessment Test, or our Leadership Team, please visit our FAQ’s page!

Our Approach:

Inspired by YOU,

to revolutionize the field of medicine and relieve the heavy burden of disease, our research and development team offers novel discoveries that foster innovative new methods.


A NEW Test for Kidney Disease, with accurate results, in just one day*

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